I prefer working from 2 ga. on up. On occasion, depending on the material requested and the style, I can work smaller. However, in no case will I work smaller than 10 ga., and that only rarely. 6 ga. and 4 ga. are usually not a problem if requested.

All prices quoted are for the pieces shown only. Prices for the same item in larger or smaller sizes, with or without stones, or with different stones, will of course be priced differently.

All measurements for flared plugs are given from the inside of the flare, and the outside edges are usually about 2 gauges larger.

I use many things that people may not be familiar with. I also am always on the lookout for new materials with which to work. For example, even as I was assembling this catalog, I found out that the desert ironwood I've been using is also available as a burl. Naturally, I acquired some of that. You will soon see some new pieces made with this. I believe it is spectacular! A burl is basically an imperfection in a tree trunk, like a knot. Most burls are not suitable for body jewelry, because they are imperfect with air pockets, hard grain nodules, etc. But I have found several burls that are good, solid material. Examples are the Madrone and Desert Ironwood burls, and they yield nice results.

I also commonly use a material called "Dymondwood". This is a trademarked product made in the U.S.A. It consists of thin sheets of maple hardwood, which is dyed in different colors, then laminated with an epoxy-polymer-resin. It is then placed in a press, and pressurized under 2,000-3,000 lbs/sq. in. of pressure, and allowed to cure. The resulting product is very colorful hardwood plywood that takes a great shine, and wears very well. In four years of using this material, I have received 2 reports of a reaction to it, which I consider acceptable. However, you must make your own decision, and know that you wear it at your own risk. Throughout this catalog, I have abbreviated this as DMD.

One of the stones I use from time to time is called "Druzy Quartz". This is what you get when you split open certain geodes that have an extremely fine crystalline structure. It comes in a variety of natural colors: clear, black, spotted. It can also be electroplated with titanium to render it blue or purple. It is now also available with gold plated on it, but this is rather expensive.

I normally tend to use only cabochons, which are shaped and polished stones, as opposed to faceted stones (like diamonds, with many faces or planes cut on the surface). If you desire a particular type of stone, just ask.

We are also now using dichroic glass. This is an art glass. The process to make this takes iridescent metallic foils and sandwiches them with clear glass. This is then fused in a kiln. The process produces some really striking patterns and colors.

As other new materials come into play, I will try and keep them updated on my web site, so please check back for new things!

Some of the abbreviations used throughout this catalog are:

P.O.R. = Priced on Request
DMD = Dymondwood
A.A.S. = Available All Sizes
L.A. = Limited Availability (Usually refers to how hard to get a particular material may be)
L.S. = Limited Sizing (due to the nature of the material, larger sizes can sometimes not be made from it)